Meeting Zachary Karabashliev in Sofia

Yesterday I met Zachary Karabashliev, the talented Bulgarian author, at a book launch event in Sofia. His 2008 novel 18% Gray is set in San Diego, California and follows the story of a fictional young Bulgarian couple named Zachary and Stella. As a born and bred San Diegan married to a Bulgarian named Stella I just had to meet him and have a laugh about how random it all was.

And laugh we did—all the way onto the stage during the live stream of the event!

Me speaking at the book launch with Zachary
Me speaking at the book launch with Zachary

Accidental foray into public speaking in Bulgaria: ✓

Attention, Up-and-Coming Bulgarian Writers

After about five words of elementary Bulgarian, I told the audience it was fun reading about my native Southern California in Zachary’s words. I encouraged up-and-coming Bulgarian writers to keep writing, and to translate their books into other languages as well so more people could appreciate their work. In the case of 18% Gray I enjoyed it so much that I bought several copies and gave them to family in the US and friends in Kenya.

They laughed, I laughed, and then it was over. After the event you can be damn sure I got a picture with him, though!

Zachary Karabashliev and me at the book launch event
Zachary Karabashliev and me at the book launch event

If you ever want to grab a cup of coffee and chat about surfing, burritos, and банички just let me know, Zachary!

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  1. Brother.
    How have you been! Greetings from your neighbor!
    How is your new life in Bulgaria!!
    We sometimes think of the time with you and your wife in Nairobi.
    Really enjoyed and it makes us smile.

    We should visit bulgaria in this year to learn more of life from you.

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